Battleship Online

Play the classic guessing game Battleship against other players or the computer.

Choosing a name

To be able to play, you have to enter your nickname. This name has to be unique, which means that it is currently not used by another logged in player.

Setting up a game

After you have entered your name, you have the option to Host or Join a game, or to play against the computer. If you choose Host, your name will appear in the host list and other players can join your game. If you choose Join, the host list will open, enabling you to join games that other players have hosted. To play against the computer, select vs AI. Here, you have the option to play on easy or normal difficulty.

Battle preparations

Once you are connected with another player or an AI opponent, you will be asked to finish your ship placement and to press Ready.

Placing your ships

To rotate a ship, click/tap on it, to move it around use drag and drop. Ships are not allowed to overlap, or to be placed directly next to each other. Invalid ship placements are signaled using color codes. As long as your grid contains tiles in these colors, the game is not allowed to start:

ships are overlapping
ships are placed directly next to each other

If you don't want to manually place your ships, you can generate a new random ship placement by pressing Randomize. This placement will always be valid.


Once both players have pressed Ready, the battle commences. The player who pressed Ready first will be the first one to shoot. If you play against the computer, you will always take the first shot. You can shoot by simply clicking/tapping a tile in the grid. If you miss a shot, the opponent gets to shoot next. If you hit a ship, you are allowed to fire another shot until you miss. If you sink a ship of the opponent, that ship will be revealed to you. The player who manages to sink all of the opponent's ships first wins the game.


After each battle, both players will be asked if they want to play another match against each other. If both choose Yes, they will be able to change their ship placements and start another battle. The computer will always want another regame and will always change its ship placements before the next battle.


As long as you are connected with an opponent, you will see a text input and a button named Send. Use them to send a message to your opponent.

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